Longview Registration


In Longview we partner with the Parks and Recreation Department. You will need to register with the city EVERY MONTH.


1. Register with the Parks and Recreation Department (every month)

2. Once you have registered the first time email [email protected] and let us know so we can send you the information to connect to our online check-in system and optional at home workouts!

Please NOTE - the city website does not align with the classes we offer. Please select a class and register and then you will check-in through our system weekly.

Register Here Monthly


Classes we offer:

Starting March 19th


5:30 Kindergarten-2nd grade

6:30 Level 1



4:15 MAND (Modified and Neuro Divergent)

5:00 Level 1

6:00 Level 2

Thursday 4:00 Level 1 and 5:00 Level 2 are currently running. You may register to join us starting March 7 for these classes!