Free or more

R.I.G. Team Tryouts

Suggested donation is $50 per person

to cover cost of T-Shirt, equipment, organization, and to help keep Parkour East Texas and The Rising - Parkour Gym open and growing!

Do you have what it takes to be part of the R.I.G. Team? 

Resilience, Integrity, Grit

Complete the series of challenges in 4 hours and you get to be apart of the team with your very own R.I.G. Team EARNED shirt. You cannot buy these shirts, you must earn them.

This event is targeted for adults and strong teenagers. You do NOT have to be a current Parkour East Texas student to participate! You do not even need to know parkour! You do need to be tough and strong!

Challenges will be physical and mental. We will have a Fitness and Ultra category.

We will be moving all around Kilgore in teams of 4 or solo. You can sign up with your team or you can sign up as an individual!

Come test your mental and physical fortitude with us! 

All participants who are not current Parkour East Texas Students (or parent/guardian for participants under 18) must fill out waiver before participating!


This is a fundraising event for Press On Ministries to cover the cost of parkour classes for low economic students with Parkour East Texas! Suggested donation is $50 per person to cover cost of T-Shirt, event equipment, event  organization, and to help low economic kids of our community be able to participate in parkour classes!

Parkour classes help youth develop resilience through learning how to overcome obstacles (mental and physical) and learning how to appreciate the growth process. Parkour classes also provide a positive community for youth to support them in making wise choices as they grow. Parkour also helps build confidence and self-esteem. Press On Ministries uses donations and grants to cover the monthly tuition and make it possible for students who can’t afford parkour classes to attend.

*We are not medical professionals. Please consult with a medical professional before attending if you have specific health concerns or situations.