Parkour East Texas Ambassador Program

We know paying for classes, open gyms, internships, and special events can get pricey. 

While as a business we have not reached a sustainable point financially, we greatly appreciate your financial partnership in keeping Parkour East Texas and The Rising - Parkour Gym open another month through your commitment to weekly classes and participating in activities we provide.

We do not want price to be the reason someone cannot participate in the Rise-n-Lead Internship, so we have launched the Ambassador Program!

What we will be teaching in the internship is a compilation of skills and tools Coach Hannah has gathered over almost a decade of teaching and traveling around the world learning about parkour and parkour coaching. She's taken two 5 Day courses (Boston and PA), numerous one day courses (Boston), and attended a variety of classes, jams, and events in various parkour communities ( nationally and internationally) to learn and compile what she will be teaching.

We are excited to continue growing and developing the internship element of Parkour East Texas. We are thrilled to have new interns join Cohort 2. We had an absolute blast last summer and saw tremendous growth in the participants. We are eagerly anticipating what the new year and group of interns will bring! 

 Because the Internship is a core component of our program at Parkour East Texas we have implemented the Ambassador Program so price does not keep any of our Level 2 and above students from participating!

Ambassador Expectations

Post 2x a month on Social Media

We have cut our advertising budget to help keep things running financially for Parkour East Texas.  Individuals posting on SM and tagging Parkour East Texas and/or The Rising - Parkour Gym help us reach new students who would be a great fit for our parkour community.

Leave Reviews

Parkour is a new concept to a lot of people and many people do not understand the benefit of taking lessons vs. just jumping around at a park by yourself. Your reviews help parents understand what we are about at Parkour East Texas and help us continue growing and are a huge part of us STAYING OPEN!

Tell Your Friends

Personal Referrals are the most effective way of reaching new students! Our Parkour East Texas Ambassadors tell their friends about parkour and how much fun their having AND the benefits they are enjoying from it!

Volunteer for Events

We have a couple REALLY exciting events coming up! Our Parkour Ambassador parents are ready to volunteer when possible. (We understand you won't make every event, but our Ambassadors make an effort to be available to volunteer periodically at events!)


Sharing our Social Media posts helps others hear about parkour! Our Ambassadors share a posts about once a week.

How to Join the Ambassador Program

  1. Write a review on google for Parkour East Texas .
  2. Write a review on the Parkour East Texas and The Rising - Parkour Gym FB Pages.
  3. Send [email protected] an e-mail saying you have done 1&2 and that you would like to join the Ambassador Program.
  4. Do your honest best (without stressing please) to abide by the Ambassador Expectations.

Pease Note: This is an on your honor system and we also do not want you to stress about getting everything in OR become a spammy person!  We're asking that you keep in the front of mind ways to share and tell people about Parkour East Texas and The Rising - Parkour Gym and make a great genuine effort at abiding by the Ambassador Expectations.

If you do not have FB you can still join the Ambassador Program by doing everything that isn't on Social Media.