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What is Parkour?

Parkour is about overcoming obstacles and becoming a better person each day.

We use the challenge of conquering physical challenges to help us develop strength and character.

We use a variety of movements including running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, and rolling.

Parkour helps us learn to see our world with a new perspective. It teaches us to creatively approach challenges and find solutions instead of excuses.


All our coaches go through many hours of training, a coach mentor program, and are working towards additional coaching certifications (we believe we should always be learning and growing and getting better)!

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Parkour East Texas Mission

To help kids develop character through parkour lessons as we support parents/guardians in raising kids who are prepared to overcome the challenges they will face in life.

Parkour East Texas Vision

To create a Parkour Community in East Texas that is thriving and that is helping kids prepare to be successful adults who are full of character.

To provide parkour instruction that focuses on the Parkour Mindset and character development to 500 East Texas children ages 5-18 by 2032, with 10 ADAPT L2 Coaches and 40 Parkour East Texas Level 4 students acting as assistant coaches and pursuing their ADAPT 1 or 2.

To open 3 gyms in the East Texas area by 2029. With Kilgore's - The Rising- Parkour Gym as our first our vision is to grow and develop a sustainable business model which allows us to open a new gym in Nacogdoches by 2027 and in the Tyler area by 2029!

Our Philosophy

We believe kids grow as they work through and overcome challenges, so we often step back and allow children to solve problems of how to get somewhere or how to accomplish something on their own. (We step in when we see immediate danger present.)

Level System

Our Level 1 children's classes start at ages 7 and up with some locations having a Kindergarten - Second Grade class. Every child starts in Foundations or Level 1 to focus on developing a firm foundation. Our Foundations class is encouraged to take first when possible (only offered in some locations). K-2nd classes act as an extended version of the Foundations class for younger kids. The Foundations Curriculum is based on an 8 week cycle. This acts as an 8 week intro to parkour. After the 8 weeks the Coach will assess (some informally and some formally) and recommend to continue to Level 1 and build more confidence and effieciency of Parkour moves and skills or for students who come in to the Foundations class with an athletic background they may offer a Level 1 test (coaches discretion if this option is offered). When a student passes the Level 1 test they are eligible to attend Level 2 classes.


Our Level 1 and 2 classes are based on a 16 week curriculum to ensure we effectively cover the elements of Parkour appropriate to the level. At the end of each semester students will have the opportunity to take our Level 1 or 2 test (offered at our Kilgore Gym - The Rising - see annual calendar). Any student who passes the test with 90% or higher is eligible to attend the next level classes! The test guidelines are in our FB Group under announcements. If your child really wants to move up to the next level, we encourage you to utilize the online portal that comes with all our parkour packages and practice outside of class time!

Level 2 classes move fast and focus on pushing the students to new levels. Team work is a huge part of Level 2 as well as individual commitment to excellence in movement and character. The level 2 test is offered once a semester like the Level 1 Test. Once the Level 2 test is passed, students are then welcomed into Level 3.

Our Level 3 test is an intense test offered a few times a year with Coach Hannah at a location with concrete and rails. The grading system is strict and offers an amazing challenge for students to work towards. Students must pass with 90% or higher to earn a spot in Level 4. This test takes about 2 1/2 hours. We currently have 3 Level 4 students and several working HARD to close a few gaps and pass! We encourage our Level 4 students to pursue their ADAPT 1 and 2 certifications once they are 15! ADAPT Level 1 is offered in Texas about once a year and ADAPT Level 2 is a 5 day course offered in Boston once a year in June with 2 years after to complete the 2 day grueling assessments.) 

 “Etre forte pour etre utile” - to be strong in order to be useful





300 Harris St.

Building C-5

Kilgore, Texas 75662


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Level 1 & 2

Thursday at 4:30pm 

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Level 1

Wednesday at 2:00pm and 4:00pm   

Level 2

Wednesday at 2:00pm and 4:00pm


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Level 1

Friday at 10:15am 

Registration Open!

Don't See Your Location?

 Let us know what location you want to see open up next! When we have 4-7 interested participants (number depends on the distance) we start working on opening a new location!

The more people who write us for a specific location, the more of a chance it has to be the next location we open!

August Registration Open!


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