Rise-n-Lead Internship

What we will be teaching in the internship is a compilation of skills and tools Coach Hannah has gathered over almost a decade of teaching and traveling around the world learning about parkour and parkour coaching. She's taken two 5 Day courses (Boston and PA), numerous one day courses (Boston), and attended a variety of classes, jams, and events in various parkour communities (nationally and internationally) to learn and compile what she will be teaching.

We are excited to continue growing and developing the internship element of Parkour East Texas. We are thrilled to have new interns join Cohort 2. We had an absolute blast last summer and saw tremendous growth in the participants. We are eagerly anticipating what the new year and group of interns will bring!

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Build Confidence

We help interns move from the beginner mindset into the intermediate and then advanced mindset. We help them see how far they have come and specific ways they have progressed! Interns also have many opportunities to interact with newer students which helps them realize their progress even more.

Develop Leadership Skills

Interns begin in February coaching their peers. They are taught how to always be thinking about their coaching through the lense of "What did I do good?" and "What would I like to do better next time?". Interns become aware of new ways to demonstrate leadership and receive hands on practice developing their ability to find ways to lead and step up.

Further Personal Parkour Journey

As we coach others, we become more aware of movement elements and discover new ways we can make our own movement cleaner, swifter, and more accurate. Interns also participate in a monthly team training session designed to challenge and push them in new ways!

Become a Community Leader

Newer students look up to our interns; especially when they begin the hands on coaching elements in June and July. Interns are also a part of the inner core that keeps Parkour East Texas beating and we implement them in various ways to continue developing the parkour community in East Texas.

Parkour East Texas Goals

 We are so thankful to play a major role in expanding parkour in East Texas. The interns are a key player in this. Our Parkour community and growth is only as strong the individuals that make us up!

Parkour East Texas Mission

To help kids develop character through parkour lessons as we support parents/guardians in raising kids who are prepared to overcome the challenges they will face in life.

Parkour East Texas Vision

To create a Parkour Community in East Texas that is thriving and that is helping kids prepare to be successful adults who are full of character.

To provide parkour instruction that focuses on the Parkour Mindset and character development to 500 East Texas children ages 5-18 by 2032, with 10 ADAPT L2 Coaches and 40 Parkour East Texas Level 4 students acting as assistant coaches and pursuing their ADAPT 1 or 2.

To open 3 gyms in the East Texas area by 2029. With Kilgore's - The Rising- Parkour Gym as our first our vision is to grow and develop a sustainable business model which allows us to open a new gym in Nacogdoches by 2027 and in the Tyler area by 2029.


What the Internship includes:

  1. Monthly meetings (normally the 4th Friday of the month)
  2. January 27th Kickoff Cookout for the whole family!
  3. Coaching opportunity at the April 6th 3rd Annual Parkour East Texas Jam
  4. Coaching and assistant coaching opportunities during June and July (Coaching opportunities will be planed later in the Spring and created specifically for your intern based on your schedule, location, and their maturity)
    • Possible Coaching Responsibilities
      • Participate in a Foundations and/or Level 1 class and/or summer camp and lead by example (character and movement)
      • Lead a warm-up or cool-down
      • Coach a skill in a class
      • Lead a Game
      • Team Lead an activity
      • Lead a section of a class (this is for more mature interns who are ready to take leaps towards an assistant coaching position in the next year or 2)
  5. Online Community (on an app and space specific to interns) *optional
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