Coach Hannah


When Hannah first started parkour, she would frequently travel to Dallas and other locations to take classes due to the lack of parkour instruction in East Texas. Now she seeks to build a parkour community in the greater East Texas area and provide quality instruction that is accessible to many without regular 4 hour drives! Her and her husband Tyler our expecting their first baby in August. You will see her coaching at our Advanced Level 2 classes and mentoring coaches and Level 3 students in various parks around East Texas.

She is one of 4 females in North America to complete and pass the grueling ADAPT Level 2 Coaching Certification.

Coach Abbey

Abbey found parkour a few years ago when taking a summer parkour class. A natural to movement and physical challenges she gravitated quickly to the unique and fun discipline. She has been accepted to LeTourneau University and has earned a spot on their soccer team! You will see her mainly in Longview and at our Summer Camps when she's not training hard as a goalie.

Coach Anthony

Anthony has been doing parkour and coaching for several years. He loves helping others enjoy movement and have fun exploring their abilities. He is very friendly and does a great job breaking down hard moves into step by step chunks. You will see him around in various parks around East Texas coaching our Level 1 and Level 2 classes.

Coach Robert

Robert found parkour between 2010 and 2012 when he joined a parkour club at LeTourneau University (even doing a show for Hootenanny). Always ready for a challenge he loves how Parkour gives a great way to get active and challenge himself. Robert is a stay-at-home dad who likes to play disc golf and be outside.

Assistant Coach Michael

Michael began parkour with Parkour East Texas in 2022. He has worked hard attending classes, camps, and extra trainings. Upon passing his Level 2 test (with at least 90% - no easy accomplishment) he now joins our coaching staff as an assistant coach.  Michael brings a great enthusiasm for movement to each class and is a wonderful inspiration to our younger students!

Photo Credit: Abbey from the 2nd Annual Parkour East Texas Jam

Assistant Coach Cotton

Cotton joined our classes in the Spring of 2022. He has been working hard to develop the skill and strength needed to pass the Level 2 test (with 90% or higher in order to be in Level 3)!  We are excited he has chosen to join our coaching team and continue spreading the joy of movement with others in East Texas. He brings a positive attitude with a great attention to encouraging others to each class!

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Hannah Waddle (formerly Beets) began parkour in 2015. She immediately fell in love with the opportunity for creativity and overcoming challenges. She has spent numerous hours training locally, nationally, and internationally. She is one of the four females in the United States of America to pass the grueling assessments (physical, written, and coaching elements) and complete her ADAPT Level 2 parkour coaching certificate!

After teaching in the public school system for 6 years (reading, special education, and PE), she now is working to develop the parkour community in East Texas. She is currently the only coach, but her desire is to develop and train local young traceurs (people who do parkour) with a passion for movement and helping others to be ready to join the team and continue spreading the love of movement around!


I am so beyond happy my son has this opportunity in the area we live. Hannah’s group classes are nothing short of awesome!! My son enjoys it so much. The benefits are endless!” 


My son LOVES going to Parkour. He really has improved on his balance. Great fun and exercise for kiddos.


Amazing coach! Dedicated to the sport and encourages safety all while having fun while moving! Would definitely recommend!” 



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“After listening to just one episode of Bill’s podcast, everything started falling into place.”



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