Functional Fitness at The Rising - Parkour Gym

We are on a mission at Parkour East Texas to help kids pursue becoming the best version of themselves they can be. Parkour is about getting better everyday. Learning how to exercise (with proper for and mindset) helps us pursue being the best version of ourself we can be.


Just like our Parkour classes, our functional fitness classes focus on character development and having fun working hard. You can choose to participate in Functional Fitness classes only OR you can choose to do both Parkour and Functional Fitness.


We start kids with basic workouts and foundations of lifting. In our Intermediate classes we gradually add weight as the individual demonstrates control and fidelity of form.

The age divisions are ages 7-11 or ages 12-18.  All movements are modifiable to allow each participant to be challenged while also being successful.

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Have Fun

We believe fitness should be a "get to" not a "have to". That's why we love making fitness fun! We gamify work often and strive to create an environment that inspires kids to work hard and push through challenges. We want to help kids have a healthy relationship with exercise so they can carry that with them throughout their life.


Community is a huge part of our classes. Showing up week after week and sharing a unique experience with friends builds the foundation for our community. We cheer for each other and challenge each other to be better and better.

Functional, Form, & Gradual

We craft our workout classes around functional moves - something that mimics what might be in daily life. We like to use full body whenever possible. The youth in are classes are laying the foundation for how they will lift and workout for the rest of their lives, so we take form SERIOUSLY. We also understand young bodies are still growing and forming so we add lifts gradually. If your child is wanting an ego boost of throwing around as much weight as possible, this is not the program for them. We only allow participants to add weight when the coach feels it is a wise choice after considering their form, control and age.

Meet Our Functional Fitness Team

Coach Tyler

Tyler has a B.S. in Kinesiology from UT Tyler and is a certified Personal Trainer with additional certifications in strength and conditioning and powerlifting. He played Football for Kilgore in High School and coached PE, Football, Basketball and Track & Field at Kilgore Middle School for 2 years.  He has a variety of experiences working with kids from his 2 years at Chandler Elementary and almost a decade volunteering in children's church. He loves helping people learn about fitness and nutrition. Together with his wife Hannah they craft the Functional Fitness classes for Kids and Teens.

Coach Hannah

In addition to being one of 5 female ADAPT Level 2 Certified Parkour Coaches in North America, Hannah has her CrossFit Level 2 certification and CrossFit Kids. She has attended seminars on olympic weightlifting and gymnastics (as it is practically used in functional fitness classes). She also is a certified Personal Trainer with additional certifications in Transformation, Lifespan and Yoga. She uses her background in these areas to craft the Functional Fitness classes offered at The Rising - Parkour Gym with her husband Tyler.