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Did you know that previously the closest Parkour gyms were in the DFW area and Houston?

And now we have a Parkour Gym right in Kilgore, Texas!!

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The Rising

At Parkour East Texas and now our first gym The Rising we are all about becoming a better version of ourself through self-discipline, determination, and grit. As Parkour practitioners, our physical training effects how we see challenges and interact with everyday life. So we decided to give our first gym a name that reminds us of our daily pursuit of rising up to become a better person!

I am too far from The Rising in Kilgore, Texas. Do you have classes for me?

Yes! We started Parkour East Texas in parks around East Texas, and we plan to continue servicing many of those locations with weekly classes! Right now we have weekly classes in Nacogdoches, Longview, Marshall, Whitehouse, Gladewater and Henderson. If there is enough commitment, we look at opening new locations periodically.

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What we offer at The Rising...


Our weekly classes start with building a firm foundation with basic movement principles that promote safety. We place a large emphasis on character development in our classes. Parkour is for every age group and ability level, so we are working towards offering classes for many ages!

  • Ages 7+ Level 1 and Level 2
  • Kindergarten-2nd grade Intro to Parkour and Movement
  • Women's only classes
  •  Gray and Glorious 50+

All our coaches are trained and participate in ongoing mentoring and professional development opportunities. We seek to create a safe environment that encourages each individual to progress and rise to their fullest potential by getting a little better each day.

 Open Gym

Open gyms are a time to play, train, practice and have fun moving! This is not a class; however, a coach is always present.

First time participants who do not currently take classes with Parkour East Texas must participate in our mandatory safety training for the first 30 minutes of the first open gym they participate in.

Please see our gym schedule for Open Gym times.

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 Birthday Parties

Reserve The Rising for 2 hours and come celebrate your special day with movement! You may invite up to 10 participants as guest (parents and siblings can come too).

We provide:

  • Parkour Equipment to play on
  • 2 Tables, 16 chairs, tablecloths, cups, plates, napkins, and forks
  • A coach to teach a mandatory Safety Mini Lesson and an optional 30 or 60 minute game and challenge session.
  • If you are a Team Player Member message [email protected] to receive a $50 discount before booking!
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Corporate Team Building Session

(for business and church leadership teams)

Teamwork and comradarie are vital components to a productive and successful work environment. Whether you run a school, financial institution, restaurant, church or any type of business having employees who ENJOY working together and can find joy in tough times is key.

Our Team Trainings are 1 hour long for groups of 4-16. Please e-mail [email protected] if your group is over 16 individuals.

We provide:

  • Organized Team Challenges
  • A controlled environment to face challenges and work through them in a productive manner
  • An opportunity to work on communication within your team
  • An opportunity to positively address teamwork in a fun environment

This is a great option for businesses and church leadership teams! Movements and challenges are modified to fit your unique team. 

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School Classes

We offer a 6 week "Character Development Class and Intro to Parkour" Course. Character qualities we cover include determination, grit, gratitude, and humility. We also focus on the growth process and accepting that growth takes time and is not always immediate and/or easy. Class meets once a week for 6 weeks for about 45 minutes.

Our 6 week School Class helps kids by providing:

  • Practice controlling impulses as we learn to move in and around obstacles in a more efficient and safe manner.
  • Breathing techniques that promote self-regulation, focus, and control
  • An environment to boost confidence
  • An opportunity for students who have a hard time controlling impulses to release some excess energy

 Our classes can be used as a reward, parent elective, or a character development program for students struggling to follow school procedures and expectations.

Please contact [email protected] for more information and to set up a School Class!

School Presentations

Parkour is about overcoming obstacles and becoming a better person. It's a mindset. Our School Presentations revolve around the core concepts of parkour and how we can implement those into our daily life.

Presentation Options:

  • Assembly Motivational talk 30 minutes
  • Interactive Intro to Parkour and Character Development Class in P.E. Class or Other Special Event

Please contact [email protected] for more information and to set up a School Presentation!


300 Harris St., Building C-5, Kilgore, Texas 75662


I'm Hannah Waddle

When I first started parkour, I would frequently travel to Dallas and other locations to take classes due to the lack of parkour instruction in East Texas. Now I seek to build a parkour community in the greater East Texas area and provide quality instruction that is accessible to many without regular 4 hour drives!

I am one of 4 females in North America to complete and pass the grueling ADAPT Level 2 Coaching Certification.

You will see me coaching at our Advanced Level 2 classes and mentoring coaches and Level 3 students in various parks around East Texas.

My husband Tyler and I are expecting our first baby in August.

Click the link below to learn about our other coaches!

Learn about our Coaching Team

"So much positivity, movement, and encouragement. All the coaches are well-trained, kind, and encouraging, and my kids love a more structured and challenging approach to 'playground play.'"

- Rebecca

" [My son] has really enjoyed his parkour class this summer. It is a great outlet and activity to get kids moving who have maybe struggled in conventional sports or perhaps get bored easily. It is fast paced and always changing. A good balance between structure and personal expression.

- Rachel

"We were new to the area and I was looking for an activity for him to enjoy. I was thinking Parkour was just a fun thing to do and he had watched videos online with his older brothers so thought he should try it. Parkour is so much more than “fun”. It teaches you real life skills like trying the hard things, critical thinking, overcoming obstacles, and working together and helping others."

- Frances
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