Team Building Session

Set up a one hour team building session with us at The Rising - Parkour Gym in Kilgore, Texas for a creative way to develop more collaboration, community and confidence in your business or church leadership team.

Our Team Building Sessions are tailored to your group of 4-16 individuals. Over a private hour event, one of our trained coaches will lead your group through a variety of physical (adaptable), mental, and social challenges to strengthen your team and provide an opportunity for collaboration, community, and confidence building.


Improve the ability of your team members to work through unique situations, problem solve, and utilize the strengths of each team member for the benefit of the team


Improve your work atmosphere by helping your staff build trust as they laugh and work through amusing situations. Our team challenges are bound to make you laugh, get a little frustrated and most of all learn about community as you depend on each other to complete each task!


Empower your staff to be willing to take initiative, take risks, and embrace the growth process. Many of our challenges will not be solvable on the first try.  They will take creativity, determination, and trial and error to emerge successful in!

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For specific questions or groups over 16 please e-mail [email protected].


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